Advice From a Freshman to Our Future Freshmen

Well, the year is coming to a close, and what a year it’s been, starting as a freshman and ending as a sophomore. The journey has been one to remember and I know we freshmen all can’t wait for transferring up a grade and welcoming our new freshmen who will join us next year.


This article goes out to all the yetto-be freshmen. Here is some advice gathered from experiences this year, that might just help you survive Animas High School!!!


You’ll survive either way but this will definitely help you along!


In any project based school, the teacher-student relationships are always a key ingredient. You want to start the year off on the right foot by forming these easy and strong relationships with teachers. This will definitely help you be more open and make it easier to advocate to them when you’re struggling. I did not start my year by forming these relationships; I put them off until I realized how important they really were. I wasn’t able to advocate and it put me behind on my work dramatically. But once I opened up and started becoming their friend my whole year changed. I was straight with teachers and I related to them and it helped me out in the long run.


One thing that a lot of people tend to ignore is the Habits of Heart and Mind. Here at Animas our habits spell the word P.A.P.E.R.: Perspective, Advocacy, Perseverance, Evidence, and Refinement are all the habits that are vital to your survival at Animas.


Perspective is using your creative mind and eyes. Come up with your own ideas, forming opinions, and thinking of ways you can go about your project.


Advocacy is speaking up for yourself. Use integrity and opinions to ask questions and give feedback to teachers or students.


Perseverance is going that extra mile and not giving up. If you’re behind, or want to go above and beyond, work hard to achieve your goal.


Evidence is using pieces of work or advocating to prove a point. Use historic, scientific or your own evidence to back up your statements.


Refinement is looking over and tuning your work. Add what you feel needs to be added and being true to your project.


Respecting and caring about these habits will give you a great start at Animas and will actually help you through your entire high school experience. These have helped me out in times of stress. Advocacy and perseverance have helped me the most with catching up on an assignment. Perspective and refinement have helped me bring my own creativity and uniqueness to a project. Evidence is the one I struggle with the most, but has still helped me get out of rough situations. Taking pride in your work, not taking free time and work time for granted and respecting the habits will put you on a roll in Animas.


One final note I want to leave the newcomers of Animas, is to always have fun, have fun learning new skills, have fun building, designing and creating. Enjoy yourself, and have fun at Animas!!!