Sophomore Slump Changes

The Animas High School 10th grade teachers are revamping the year to end the “Sophomore Slump.” Freshman year is special for us because we are joining a new community, and being welcomed into high school. Junior year at Animas is special because the Juniors have their LINK internships, and the SAT. Senior year is special because it is the final year in high school before they leave the nest to start your adult life! But what happens in sophomore year? In the past, there has been nothing special, there’s no meaning to the year. This is the sophomore slump. For many it is a “slump” in their high school experience and nothing special happens. However the Sophomore teachers plan to change that this year!


The way sophomore  team plan to this is to introduced a brand new project to Animas. The project is called The Hero’s Journey. “The Hero’s Journey is the idea that all great stories, including our own lives, follow the same pattern” says Ally Johnson, a Sophomore Humanities Teacher. This pattern that she is referring too, is a pattern that no matter what we all go through. We start out young and safe. But then we have to go outside into the unknown and have to get knocked down, and come across many challenges. Then, through those challenges we get back up and learn new things about ourselves. The reason this is so special to the sophomore grade because we are at that stage specifically in high school where we have gone outside of the safe zone of freshman year, and have to get knocked down. “The Hero’s journey is also great because it gets to us all together” states Summer Sanford, the new sophomore biology teacher. The teachers of the sophomore grade plan to start the Hero’s Journey by getting the class all together to face challenges and work with new peers.


Introducing a camping trip at the beginning of the year the sophomore team felt was a great way to bring the sophomores all out of the comfort zone. “Our goal for the camping trip was for the sophomore class to bind and work together as well as challenge themselves as individuals and grow their comfort zones!” Says Shane Nelson, the newly added Humanities teacher for the sophomores. So as well as taking the sophomore students out of their comfort zones, they plan to grow the their comfort zones. Facing challenges and working together, the students will learn a thing or two about themselves and help prepare them for the big challenge, the rest of the year. The Hero’s Journey will provide new meaning specifically for the sophomore year at Animas High School and will guide them through the rest of their Animas High School experience.