Rock Lounge Update

The Rock Lounge has been demolished, but local climbers are still finding places to train and project. With the gym gone many Durango citizens as our own Animas community wonder, what’s next? The Rock Lounge has moved uptown to 3000 Main Ave taking place of old Antique Warehouse. Rock Lounge owner Marcus Garcia, who also owns a construction company plans to have functional bouldering gym by the end of the year.  However, rope climbing will have to wait another couple months. The roof has to be raised and the floor has to be lowered in order for there to be a suitable rope area.


Durango climbers are without a climbing gym for another couple months. All hope is not lost however: Durango is full of Amazing sites for outdoor climbing. Some of these areas include Sailing Hawks in Dalla Mountain Park, Turtle Lake, East Animas and Lightner Creek, . Many local climbers have kept their strength up by going to these beautiful places to climb.


The local youth climbing team has just entered competitive bouldering season and they still manage to train indoors at the Catacombs downtown, as well as training outside. They recently had a competition in Colorado Springs and they all crushed it. Catalina Shirley in 10th grade placed 5th place out of 10. Robbie Patla also in 10th grade placed 15th out of 20 competitors.


Even Animas High School’s rock climbing Xblock with Mathematics Teacher Kyle Edmondson and Chemistry Teacher Steve Smith has not been cancelled. So the rock gym might have been burnt and demolished but that has not crushed our climbing spirits. In the meantime, make sure to travel and climb outside. Almost everywhere you look there might be a decent rock for you to climb. So keep the spirits up and climbers will all have a functioning Rock Lounge soon!