The End is Nigh

There’s been the Mayan Calendar, and there’s been Planet X. Both have had most of our world’s population predict the end of the world. The world has survived the first two dates, but most people are unaware of what’s really going to happen.


Recent discoveries from scientists have lead us to believe that the end is really upon us. On October 13th astronomer Daniel von Charles picked up a reading from one of our NASA satellites. They caught the reading of a massive metal asteroid heading towards Earth.


“I’m not sure what I saw, but it was something I’ve never seen before” Daniel von Charles described. Over the last couple of years there have been little panics over the possibility of an asteroid hitting our planet. On July 21st, 2017 NASA found 16,000 asteroids near Earth, this was the start of the panic. Shortly after there were rumors that one of those asteroids had been slowly streaking towards Earth. The odds of the planet’s unlikely demise had increased. However as all of us know, there has been no sign of them, until now. The government wishes to keep everyone calm, as this might be a false alarm, but scientists insist otherwise.


“I have predicted this for years, and now I fear it is true” says Foster Nathan, a local physicist from the Fort Lewis College Laboratory. Foster Nathan has worked with our For Lewis Community for several months now and they always thought he was crazy. His lessons all centered around the possibility of gravity changing in the coming years. But with the recent discovery, turns out Foster might not be crazy after all.


Many cities have already started evacuating some of their population but the government still doesn’t want to make this discovery go public. There’s no set due date for this event but scientists predict that something may happen within the following months.


“We don’t want to cause too much stress to the citizens of our great nation. We feel like it’s just another false alarm. If the false information gets out there it might cause a huge panic and cause riots that could potentially end the world for us.” says Celery Swinton, a secretary of the Colorado House of Representatives in a private interview conducted by the Animas Quill.


This is the one and only time that scientists and politicians have agreed on their statements. They say that the hurricanes that occurred earlier this year were warning signs for something bigger coming. We don’t have a confirmation yet, but there are rumors that the metal “asteroid” might not be what we thought. Scientists have been hard at work to find the course of this asteroid and how long we have. Is it really an asteroid, or is it a UFO? The government is on high alert and will keep you posted for further information.