Team Durango and Rock Lounge Updates:

Team Durango:

Durango’s Youth Climbing Team includes many of the Animas community. Maddie Sturm, Rollin Leavitt, Robbie Patla, Chris Atchison, Nick Austin, and Cat Shirley have been preparing for the bouldering regionals competition. Regionals take place in Bozeman, Montana on December 9th. Unfortunately, the team with be one short of a competitor.


This past week Team Durango has lost one of their beloved teammates. The group traveled up to Sailing Hawks Climbing area, and set up a vigil in remembrance of their teammate. This vigil was on Thursday, November, 16 and was located at his favorite boulder. They brought a frame with his picture in it and signed it. They shared letters and stories.


Peter Guerra was a bright soul. He was always the first one to training, and to the boulders. His passion for rock climbing was so big that it will never be forgotten. His courage and strength will live on forever.


“Climb High Peter”


On Friday, December 8th, the team will fly to Bozeman. Early the next morning the younger members of the team will compete and later that night will be the older members time to compete. The team plans to wear t-shirts in memory of Peter at regionals to share their love for him.


Rock Lounge:


After the demolition of Durango’s beloved Rock Lounge, many community members and members of Animas have wondered what is next for the Rock Lounge. Team Durango is definitely eager! 4 weeks ago, the City of Durango gave the Rock Lounge Owner the building permits for the new Rock Lounge. Since then many members and staff have been hard at work trying to get get a functioning bouldering gym up and running. Building a rope wall will take just a little more time. The Rock Lounge will be holding a fundraiser to generate the necessary funds for renovations.


Garcia has teamed up with a team members parent to coordinate a fundraiser to raise more money and awareness for the Rock Lounge. The fundraiser will center around how rock climbing helps build community interaction between young climbers. With the big success of the previous summer camp “Kids Rock” held by the Rock Lounge, the gym will capture the eyes of many local climbers, especially parents. They will be holding a couple fundraiser events and presentations in the coming weeks. The Information is still being decided but the Animas Quill will keep you posted when any progress is made.