The Mystery: Fictional Short Story

They didn’t know it but this night was going to change their friendships forever…

One dark night the girls were sitting in Maggie’s living room. They were sitting next to her fire place with solo cups in hand watching Stranger Things. “Don’t you guys just hate how Lola, Mary, and Giana always act like they’re so perfect.” ,said Olivia.

“Yeah all the guys look at them like they are Barbie dolls, its disgusting.” ,said Connie.

This wasn’t their typical sleepover. Sure, they usually caught up with their favorite tv shows, gossiped about all the people that they went to school with, and talked about boys, but this sleepover was different. They didn’t know it but this night was going to change their friendships forever. The past few weeks had been a constant mix of petty arguments over nothing and fake compliments. Maggie, Olivia, Kathy, and Connie were insepriable but lately it seemed like they were further apart than ever. Olivia was always hanging out with Luke, her newest in the line of guys she was talking to. Kathy was stressing over scholarships and college acceptances, she decided to spend all her spare time to applying colleges and doing homework. Maggie was on the track team and started spending more of her time with her new track friends than her old friends. Connie was usually stuck at home with her uber-protective family or working, a social life didn’t exactly fit into the mix. This was the one night all of the girls looked forward to. It was the start of spring break and they couldn’t just kick off the week doing nothing. It had to be special and it had to set the scene for the rest of the days to come. They planned on going to the Earl’s Lake and staying at Connie’s parents’ lake house, getting tan and sitting by the campfire. They were going to watch movies and do makeovers. Then they’d end the week with some fun game. The girls always made up games and added rules along the way, who knew what they’d come up with by the end of the week.

“I can’t wait to head to the lake house tomorrow!” ,exclaimed Kathy before she took a sip from her cup. They had been planning this week since Halloween. While everybody was going to the college parties, the girls were making their own fun. That’s why they all bonded so quickly, they enjoyed gossiping but never going out and pretending to enjoy being in a crowded room that smelled like cigarettes and alcohol.

“Lets make a toast to this awesome spring break, may we each get a great tan and make some amazing memories.” ,Maggie eyed each of the girls with a wide smile.

“To tans and good memories!” Connie cheered as the girls clashed cups and drank in unison.

All of sudden, Olivia jolted up. The fire died and the rest of the girls asleep on the couch and floor. She got out of the sofa she was on and looked around. The warm air escaping through the opened door. She stepped outside and saw nothing but the small tree house at the far end of the yard. Then she looked over towards the garden and squinted. She could’ve swore she saw a figure standing right behind that tree. I’m just imagining things. She closed the door and locked it, just in case, and feel back asleep.

The next morning Kathy woke up to Connie nudging her: “Hey get up. Something’s wrong.” She sat up and saw Maggie’s mom, Lauren, pacing around the room with her phone attached to her ear.

“What’s going on?” She mumbled as she rubbed her eyes.
“They can’t find Maggie.” Olivia jumped in.

“What are you talking about? She was with us all night.” Kathy grabbed the cup of black coffee from Olivia’s hand.

“Thats the thing, she wasn’t here all night. I woke up around 1:30 and it was really dark. I thought I saw her laying on the couch, but I guess not. Anyways I could’ve swore I heard someone scream and thats why I woke up. When I got up, the door was open and so I closed it. I thought it was all in my head but apparently not.” Olivia said, wide eyed and concerned, her face pale.

“She’s probably out running, like, six miles. She’ll be back.” Connie reassured the girls.

But she never came back. What was supposed to be the best week of their lives turned into police interrogations, news reporters hounding the families with questions, lots of crying, and the girls spending each day inside. No lake house, no tans, and no makeovers. Where was Maggie and what happened to her?


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