Author: Robin Ewing

Robin Ewing is an Animas High School senior who is also the vice-president of the school's gay-straight alliance. Robin writes fiction, editorials, columns, and things in history that Robin finds interesting, as well as political pieces and articles about the school.
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The New Bathrooms

In case you didn’t know, there are now all-gender bathrooms at Animas High School, just like the gender-neutral bathrooms in your home. These are replacing the single, staff-only bathrooms, at no additional cost to the school. The bathrooms already in place aren’t going anywhere and aren’t changing; this just provides a third option for students who are uncomfortable in public or gendered restrooms. Anyone can use them, for any reason, and it’s definitely not some weird LGBT exclusive ritual site. Read more inside!

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5 Fun-ish Facts About Gender Roles

Ever since human gender has been a thing, the timeline of which is debatable, there have been certain expectations and roles which make males and females do things differently. Some of these make sense, such as giving birth being a mostly female only job. The rest, honestly, don’t make a lot of sense at all. This is because humans are incredibly weird, and have divided the species in completely arbitrary ways.